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Why FTL?

We're content specialists who eat, sleep, and breathe copy. And we love building things.

That’s why we’re on a mission to help businesses in the finance, tech, and legal sectors create and execute successful content marketing campaigns.

FTL was born in the venture capital space and we know what it takes to start something new. As a digital-first agency, we have the agility and flexibility to accommodate fast-growing organizations with dispersed teams. Whether you’re looking to establish a long-term pipeline of consistent content or temporarily supplement your marketing team’s capacity, we have a solution for you.


Plus, our team brings more than just word count to the table. In over a decade of writing for innovative finance, tech, and legal companies, we’ve developed a winning combination of expertise:

  • Knowledge in a range of tech-intensive industries
    From mobile threat detection to data analytics, personal injury law, and alternative investing, we’ve covered a lot of ground.

  • Great research and translation skills
    We can understand what’s under the hood, and get your readers excited about it.

  • An editor’s eye for detail, and a marketer’s knack for attention-grabbing copy
    Who doesn’t love a snappy headline?

  • Snake-oil-free SEO practices
    Keyword optimization is built into every piece of content.

  • Results-driven campaign development
    We make building your content calendar and marketing roadmap a breeze.


When you hire us, you get first-rate communication, ego-free collaboration, and great, clean copy delivered on or before deadline. (Who knows? You might even have time to eat lunch away from your desk. #goals)

Meet The Founders

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